Ways to use Captivate 9 effects and states

Captivate 8 review

Last week I reviewed Captivate 9 and I was quite excited about the new Effect and State options. However, I didn’t go into any detail as it would have taken up the entire blog. So this post will take you through some of the ideas I’ve had on how to use the new effect and state settings in Captivate 9. Below is a link to a demo project; you can also download the source Captivate file if you want as well.

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Gamification of e-Learning: a gamers view

gamification of e-Learning

Computer games have unbelievable abilities to keep people’s attention. As a planet we spend 3 billion hours a week gaming. People are willing to invest hours of their time trying to beat their own high scores. e-Learning needs to tap into that drive.

Gamification of e-Learning is not just turning e-Learning into one big game. It is applying the successful mechanics and psychology of gaming to improve a learning experience. Using gaming ideas such as of levelling up or hidden extras can pull a learner into a course which leads to greater understanding. As a gamer myself I feel I’m well positioned to discuss which gaming mechanics we should be using to improve our e-Learning. Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming principles that can be applied to e-Learning without hugely increasing development time.

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What is SCORM?

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW SCORM is probably the single most important part of learning management system hosted e-Learning and yet nobody really knows what it is. This blog is aimed to help you understand what SCORM is and what the future holds for SCORM.

It would be wrong of me to say that people ask me what SCORM is every day; in fact, I don’t think anybody ever asks me what SCORM is. People usually say SCORM at me with a puzzled look on their face, sometimes they just want to know if they are saying it right, but others actually want to know what it is. So I thought a blog would be a good place to start.

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