Technical authoring: Be precise, be very precise

Technical authoring blog

Undoubtedly, one of the most important skills I bring to technical authoring is being precise… to the point of pedantry… and, yes, I’m proud of it!

Accuracy is critical. In fact, there’s probably nothing more important for a technical author to focus on. But not just in the world of technical communications; I recently read a newspaper article that reminded me of the importance of accuracy in many aspects of life. Below is a small collection.

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Technical writing – science or art?

Technical writing - science or art

It’s a question we hear sporadically here at Armada on the Technical Writing, RoboHelp, FrameMaker and Flare training courses we run – do we class the profession we’re in as science or art? Are technical authors scientists or artists? Some people have strong opinions on the subject; and of course not everyone agrees. The question is related to another which provokes even more discussion – what’s more important, the content or the aesthetics?

Have you got an opinion? Probably! See if it matches mine…

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RoboHelp 11: Worth the upgrade?

RoboHelp 11 review

About every 18 months Adobe releases a new version of RoboHelp. I, like many others, anticipate its arrival with bated breath, wondering whether there’s sufficient reason to justify the investment in time and finances to warrant an upgrade. It seems to me about half the time the answer isn’t exactly a resounding yes, sadly. So what about RoboHelp 11? Let’s answer that by looking at the major new or upgraded features.

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