Learning Technologies 2015 review


So, last week was Learning Technologies UK 2015, Europe’s leading e-Learning exhibition and conference.  I went as a free delegate, so I mostly spent my time listening to the free seminars and talking to as many of the exhibitors as I could. As expected there were people discussing gamification, 70-20-10, engagement and more. So I thought I’d share my highlights for anybody who didn’t get a chance to go or for anybody who wants to remember the good times.

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Automatically send quiz results from Captivate in HTML5

Captivate 8 review
Since the move to HTML5 I have been trying to find a way to automatically send e-Learning data from Captivate without using the users’ email client. In flash I used the CPGURU email reporting widget and have been unable to replicate it’s functionality with HTML5. Until now. Last month I stumbled onto Marius Craciunoiu blog post about the Mandrill App. With a few tweaks here and there I was able to get emails automatically send from Captivate in HTML5, sending both user variables and Captivates quiz variables.

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Technical writing – science or art?

Technical writing - science or art

It’s a question we hear sporadically here at Armada on the Technical Writing, RoboHelp, FrameMaker and Flare training courses we run – do we class the profession we’re in as science or art? Are technical authors scientists or artists? Some people have strong opinions on the subject; and of course not everyone agrees. The question is related to another which provokes even more discussion – what’s more important, the content or the aesthetics?

Have you got an opinion? Probably! See if it matches mine…

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My first impressions of Confluence for wiki-based user assistance

The logo of Atlassian's Confluence software. This article describes a first-time experience of Confluence as a wiki-based user assistance tool.

I’m a big tech enthusiast. I’m constantly reading and researching the latest trends online and in the news, so that I can make an informed decision on my latest tech purchase. Then when it’s time to go and buy, there are few more exciting events than when you open the box and see your newest gadget ready for you to play with.

And as I pull everything out of the box, I always notice one thing missing: a traditional user manual.

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User guides are a serious business. Deleting your U2 freebie from iTunes

user guides

U2 launched their latest album this week. ‘Songs of Innocence’ launched alongside Apple’s new iPhone 6. We all love a new Apple product in time for Christmas.

As an added bonus, or not, your album is automatically listed on your iTunes account. No charge, how lovely!

We all love a freebie. Don’t we? Apparently not, as one of the most read articles on BBC News today would suggest. The fourth most read article listed is ‘How to delete your free U2 album‘.

‘How to delete your free U2 album’ is all very useful and amusing but it lacks clarity. Even a tongue in cheek ‘How to’ guide must be clear, every technical author knows this.

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Captivate 8: Is it really a game changer?

Captivate 8 reviewAdobe has been throwing the phrase “game changer” around to describe Captivate 8 but will this release really change the face of e-Learning?

Having spent five (at times painful) months working with Captivate 4 my eventual graduation to Captivate 7 was honestly one of the best days of my working life. So much so that I thought that Adobe couldn’t possibly improve Captivate enough to make investing in the upgrade worthwhile. I was wrong.


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