Gamification of e-Learning: a gamers view

gamification of e-Learning

Computer games have unbelievable abilities to keep people’s attention. As a planet we spend 3 billion hours a week gaming. People are willing to invest hours of their time trying to beat their own high scores. e-Learning needs to tap into that drive.

Gamification of e-Learning is not just turning e-Learning into one big game. It is applying the successful mechanics and psychology of gaming to improve a learning experience. Using gaming ideas such as of levelling up or hidden extras can pull a learner into a course which leads to greater understanding. As a gamer myself I feel I’m well positioned to discuss which gaming mechanics we should be using to improve our e-Learning. Let’s have a look at some of the best gaming principles that can be applied to e-Learning without hugely increasing development time.

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Use Edge Animate to get more out of Captivate 8

Adobe Captivate and Edge animate

The integration between Edge Animate and Captivate was one of the new features I was most excited about when I reviewed Captivate 8 a while back . It has not let me down. I now spend as much time in Edge Animate as I do in Captivate when I am building custom e-Learning interactions. Below is a demo of showing how you can use Edge Animate to control and interact with your Captivate project. It has buttons controlling Captivate, adjusting variables and more. There is a short explanation of each slide below. You can also download all the source files and have a play around yourself.

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Learning Technologies 2015 review


So, last week was Learning Technologies UK 2015, Europe’s leading e-Learning exhibition and conference.  I went as a free delegate, so I mostly spent my time listening to the free seminars and talking to as many of the exhibitors as I could. As expected there were people discussing gamification, 70-20-10, engagement and more. So I thought I’d share my highlights for anybody who didn’t get a chance to go or for anybody who wants to remember the good times.

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Captivate 8: Is it really a game changer?

Captivate 8 reviewAdobe has been throwing the phrase “game changer” around to describe Captivate 8 but will this release really change the face of e-Learning?

Having spent five (at times painful) months working with Captivate 4 my eventual graduation to Captivate 7 was honestly one of the best days of my working life. So much so that I thought that Adobe couldn’t possibly improve Captivate enough to make investing in the upgrade worthwhile. I was wrong.


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