My first impressions of Confluence for wiki-based user assistance

The logo of Atlassian's Confluence software. This article describes a first-time experience of Confluence as a wiki-based user assistance tool.

I’m a big tech enthusiast. I’m constantly reading and researching the latest trends online and in the news, so that I can make an informed decision on my latest tech purchase. Then when it’s time to go and buy, there are few more exciting events than when you open the box and see your newest gadget ready for you to play with.

And as I pull everything out of the box, I always notice one thing missing: a traditional user manual.

It seems that the more complicated modern-day gizmos are becoming, the relevance of traditional user guides is diminishing. Users often turn to fellow users for hints and tips and, as a result, wiki-based platforms have emerged as a serious alternative for those having trouble using their new device. Continue reading