Why is eLearning so Effective?

eLearning is a modern way for people to learn remotely via electronic media typically on mobile, tablet or desktop.

eLearning has rocketed in popularity over the last few years and it’s not surprising once you understand quite how effective it is. If you’re an employer or employee, eLearning is one of the most efficient methods of education in the workplace.

For the learner, eLearning is a dynamic and efficient method of education that can cater to the individual’s needs.

Below are some of eLearning’s greatest benefits…

1. Available 24/7 From Anywhere In The World

One of the biggest benefits of eLearning is that you can do it anytime, anywhere, and it is completely determined by the learner and their schedule.

Time is the most valuable commodity on earth, and it’s important for your business that employees are making the most of their time. eLearning is the perfect way to do this because it enables them to choose when they do their training, allowing them to take advantage of space in their day such as their daily commute to improve their skill set.

Here at Armada, we pride ourselves on creating eLearning courses which ensure that the learners actually learn and we understand what is required to engage and teach people no matter what the location or the time.


2. Huge Savings On Training Costs

If you’ve ever paid for external courses, more often than not, your employees will need to stick to strict deadlines/timelines. With eLearning, you can finally wave goodbye to these rigid ways.

Not only that but external courses are incredibly expensive, not only in terms of physical costs but also in terms of time. Not only do you need to cover the cost of the training course, but you will also need to cover lunch and travel costs plus depending on the length of the course, overnight accommodation.

3. A Better Environment To Learn In

This isn’t something an employer wants to hear but the reality is that not every learner can get it right the first time and that can be quite an embarrassing experience in a classroom full of peers.

eLearning gives you the freedom to try again in confidence and ensures you fully understand the topic without ‘moving on’ swiftly in time with everyone else.

This encourages learners to pass topics with more confidence and no added embarrassment that other methods entail but instead allows the learner all the time they need with the advantage of being to review the teachings.

4. Why eLearning Is Perfect For Every Type Of Learner

As we discussed above, the physical cost of sending employees on external courses can be draining on the businesses’ finances but more often than not, the biggest drain is on the overall productivity of the team.

External courses take employees away from their day-to-day job which can slow down projects and put pressure on other members of the team.

With the flexibility of an eLearning course, employees can use their time wisely and if one of their meetings are canceled or a client is running late then they can make the most of that time by improving their skills to benefit the growth of your business.

How To Take Advantage of eLearning


With so many benefits, you’d be silly not to have a chat with a member of our team about how a eLearning can grow your business and improve your employee’s skill sets. To find out more, simply fill out our contact form.

Here at Armada, we believe that just like the computer replacing the typewriter, eLearning will replace the need for course materials and location-based training.

With our multimedia and instructional design that captures the attention of learners, eLearning is proving to be popular with workforces around the world.

Why is eLearning so Effective?

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