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We offer a number of hosting options meaning that your e-Learning will be where you want it to.

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Where you host your e-Learning can be quite a daunting decision, particularly if this is your first venture into e-Learning. There are quite a few options available. We can make hosting simple for you by breaking it down into three options, including a variety learning management systems:

On Armada’s learning management system (LMS)

On your learning management system (LMS)

On your website or intranet

On Armada's LMS

Hosting on Armada’s LMS can provide you with a simple way to manage user data and any assessment results. We can provide you with an administrator account so that you can access the LMS and manage courses and content yourself. Alternatively, you can leave everything to us and we will supply you with regular reports on course participation, results and more.

Learners and administrators can access the LMS from a company specific login page which can be hosted as part of your or our website. If you are looking into getting an LMS down the line all of our content and databases can be easily transferred from our LMS to another one, so this can be a good temporary option as well.

On your LMS

If you already have an LMS set up, or are in the process of getting an LMS, then this is the option for you. All of our e-Learning is SCORM compliant meaning it will work on all major and most minor LMSs. We have experience working with many different systems and are more than happy to help you with the management of your own LMS.

If you are still looking at the different LMSs on offer then we can help discuss the options that are available to you. We have worked with and have managed a number of different client LMSs and are more than happy to share our experiences.

On your corporate website or intranet

All of our e-Learning is web ready meaning it can be up and running on your website within hours of final delivery. Hosting on your website or intranet has the advantage of being readily available to all your employees or clients in a space that they are already using.

Although this is the simplest option it does, however, come with a downside. This option doesn’t easily allow you to track results and user data. This means that you can’t tell who has viewed the course or tutorial. If your e-Learning is more of an optional service then this is the best option for you.

If you would like to discuss your e-Learning requirements, please call Nigel Platts on 01527 834780 or email nigel.platts@armada.co.uk

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