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We create engaging, effective e-Learning courses that help build understanding.

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Armada develops custom interactive e-learning courses and tutorials that meet your content needs and ensure that the learners actually learn. As a training company ourselves we understand what is required to engage and teach people and we take these principles and apply them to the online environment.

We create e-Learning with content which is designed specifically for your needs and is written specifically for your audience. This drives engagement and helps understanding. All our courses are fully interactive which means learners have to actively take part in the training.

You have the option of online courses with or without professional voiceover. You can also include a character in the courses, who acts as the narrator, i.e. they appear throughout a course to explain what is on screen. These characters can be animated, or can be a professional actor who can walk in and out of screen.

Online assessments

At the end of our courses we offer the option of an assessment. This assessment is to test that the learner has taken the information on board. Our assessments use a large pool of questions, this means that individual learners or a learner taking a second attempt will receive a different set of questions.

Our assessments are not just a list of multiple choice questions one after another; we use different question styles throughout the online assessments. This keeps the learner thinking and drives further understanding. We can offer a number of different question styles including:

Multiple choice

Drag and drop an answer to the correct area

Short typed answers

Fill in the blank

True or False

Pairing answers together

Selecting part of an image

Putting answers into order



Our Approach

We follow a few basic principles when creating e-Learning courses:

Tutorials must grab and hold the learner's attention.

Information must be easy to digest, with skills tested little and often and feedback provided.

e-Learning must be an engaging learning experience. 

Tutorials need to make the learner think. Learners must ask themselves why they are doing a task rather than just click here and do this. Thinking helps learners remember their newly acquired skills.

For more information about our e-Learning methods see What makes good e-Learning.

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