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All the e-Learning we develop is optimised for m-Learning.

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Mobile learning or m-Learning is, simply put, e-Learning on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. m-Learning is ideal if your end users have limited access to desktops, are based outdoors or regularly travelling long distances. m-Learning can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, at a time that suits the learner. Armada’s approach to m-Learning is simple; we can create e-Learning for any device.

Advantages of m-Learning

There are many advantages of m-Learning including:

Learners can easily access tutorials and video demos in their own time or in downtime.

m-Learning content can be accessed from almost anywhere. This gives the power to the learner and allows them to take initiative.

Learners engage more on a mobile device as they instinctively swipe, pinch and pull at content.

m-Learning eliminates the technology barrier as learners use their own device which they are already comfortable with.

m-Learning options

When considering m-Learning you have to consider what devices you would like the your e-Learning to be optimised for. The options we use to make e-Learning work on mobile devices are:

Scalable content. Best used for desktops and tablets.

Responsive design. Suitable for all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Scalable content

We generate scalable content in HTML5 format for e-Learning on desktops and tablets. This is the most common option and we are very experienced in this type of output.

We create e-Learning that is scalable, meaning it will shrink down to fit smaller tablet screens. All text and images are optimised to work at both high and low resolutions, although some quality is lost on smaller tablets.

Using scalable content does not work well with most smartphones as the screen dimensions are too different. Responsive design should be used to have your content optimised for smartphones.

Responsive design

Responsive design is also HTML5 based. With responsive design you effectively have three versions of your e-Learning; one for tablets, one for smartphones and one for desktops. Which version displayed will change depending on the screen size, as the screen gets smaller so do the individual elements of the m-Learning such as the images.

The content is 99% the same for each device, however the information is presented differently from device to device. The smartphone 'version' is broken down into smaller sections to avoid over cluttering the screen.

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