What makes good e-Learning

Over the years our team has picked up a few e-Learning dos and don'ts.

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The key to good e-Learning is designing a truly motivating learning experience that engages learners and keeps them engaged throughout the course. An engaged learner will want to take in much more information and therefore will learn more. Engagement requires an emotional connection between the content and the learner. We use a number of techniques to keep the learner engaged.

Interactive e-Learning

The simplest way to keep users engaged is by creating interactive content. Interactive content means that the learners have to actively take part in the learning experience. We use a mixture of drag-and-drop tools, swipe gestures and even “mini-games” to pull the learners into our e-Learning tutorials. This increases the amount of information the learner absorbs.

All of our tutorials constantly check, and re-check, understanding by using simple quizzes. This guarantees that concepts are both understood and learned. These quizzes don’t just make learners regurgitate information but encourages them to think laterally. Quizzes combined with regular feedback cements understanding.

Great content

Content is King in the online world and this applies to e-Learning as well. Our technical authoring background means we have a great track record in content management and writing for the web. These skills transfer well to e-Learning and we feel that content is where we set ourselves apart from other companies.

Our e-Learning is well researched and is concisely written in a way that explains all of the necessary principles while remaining understandable and approachable to all. The tone of our e-Learning varies from customer to customer depending on the target audience.

Great design

The importance of design cannot be understated. A learner will judge an e-Learning course in the first 10 seconds. This judgement is based almost solely on the design. Once you have lost a learner it is very difficult to get them back. We use a combination of images, videos and animations all wrapped up in a company specific theme. This all leads to stunning e-Learning that looks great on any device and makes an instant impact on the learner.

Professional voiceover

To engage the learner you need to stimulate as many of the senses as you can, due to the limits of modern technology we concentrate on sight and hearing. Having a professional voiceover adds a touch of class to any e-Learning and is a very effective tool for maintaining learner concentration.

We have worked with a number of voiceover artists and we can help you find the voice that is perfect for your needs.

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