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We offer various eLearning consultancy options, so you are bound to find one that quits you.

Armada offer a number of eLearning consultancy options to make sure you get the right eLearning solution for your training needs. We will evaluate your training needs to put together the best option for your learners.

As a training company ourselves we understand what is required to engage and teach people and we take these principles and apply them to the online environment.

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What you get with Armada consultancy

Flexible solutions

Not every eLearning solution should be the same. We take your content and propose the best way of presenting this to your learners. This may be a blend of online, face-to-face and social learning.

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Online help


Creating effective learning experiences is complicated. There are many widely implemented learning practices that are little more than myths. Not surprisingly most formal learning experiences are incredibly inefficient. Armada design learning solutions that facilitate gaining new knowledge, skills or attitudes. 

Train you to do the development

As part of our eLearning consultancy service, we can train your staff to maintain the courses we develop or to build them from scratch. We can offer a review service during the development process. 

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