Bespoke eLearning course development

Our eLearing developers create clear, concise eLearning modules. That can run in an LMS or on their own.

Armada develops custom interactive e-learning courses and tutorials that meet your content needs and ensure that the learners actually learn.

With experienced trainers in our company, we understand what is required to engage and teach people. We take the principles of good training and apply them to an online environment.

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Types of eLearning development

We create eLearning for soft skills & complacence as well as for software simulations. Which one will suit your needs?.

eLearning for software

We can create both video demonstrations and fully interactive tutorials. Your end users can learn to understand your software and work through tasks at their own pace.

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Soft-skills & compliance eLearning

Armada can build the perfect e-Learning course for your company. We have experience creating courses across a broad range of industries and technologies.

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What our eLearning development includes

Great content

All our eLearning puts content first. Each topic tells learners what they need to know and how to carry out specific jobs. Our eLearning developers create the content structure in consultation with subject matter experts and trainers, so the real user issues are addressed.

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Great design

A whole body of knowledge has been developed about how web sites are designed and displayed in browsers. Our eLearning development bring these theories into our eCourse design. We create eLearning systems that are attractive and colourful. Our eLearning developers use interactive infographics, video and images to make the content engaging so learners can enjoy their online learning experience.

Concise, easy-to-follow writing

Our eLearning development process follow the principles of Plain English. Our eLearning makes the complex seem simple. Sentences are short and written in the active voice. Tense constructions are straightforward. Proof-reading and testing are built into our project plans to ensure our eLearning developers produce first-class work.

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