eLearning for software applications

Our software demonstrations and tutorials makes learning key tasks quick and even enjoyable.

eLearning for software produced by our instructional designers enhances your software application. Having easy access to training modules helps control support costs as your user base grows. Poor quality or non-existent training materials reflects badly on the software.

Our software eLearning modules are SCORM compliant so can be integrated with your LMS.

bespoke eLearning

Software eLearning that get results

Our eLearning for software is all task based, so key tasks are trained correctly.

When it comes to creating e-Learning for software there are two paths you can take. The first is short video demos and the second is fully interactive tutorials. These can both be easily incorporated into other aspects of your user assistance such as Online help, Knowledge base or a Wiki. This provides users with an additional way to learn key tasks.

Video demos

Our software video demos are designed to give learners a quick overview of key or challenging aspects of your software. These are made in a ‘You Tube’ style, meaning they are usually 2-3 minutes long and each video covers one specific area or a commonly occurring problem.

These software video demos can include short animations explaining any of the important principles that the learner needs to understand before performing a task. Explanations can be provided either by a professional voiceover or on-screen instructions that fit in with the style of your software. All of our videos are Hi-definition so they will look great on any screen size.

Your e-Learning video can be hosted on any video sharing website meaning that the videos can be easily accessed any time. Hosting videos on these websites makes them very "searchable" which can significantly reduce support costs as users can find the videos they need themselves through Google.

bespoke eLearning
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Interactive tutorials

Our interactive tutorials are primarily used for training new users. Tutorials can be provided as structured courses or individual tutorials aimed at one specific task. Learners work through simulations of software that introduce them to, and make them actively work through, processes that they need to use day to day.

The interactive software tutorials recreate your software perfectly, so that users get used to the layout and key features of your software. Creating fully interactive e-Learning software tutorials can significantly reduce training costs for your company and can help with standardisation and consistency within your organisation. Interactive tutorials also have the advantage of allowing users to learn at their own pace. Courses can have a professional voiceover or even an actor who can walk on and off screen when something needs to be explained.

Interactive tutorials can be hosted on your corporate website, intranet or inside a Learning Management System that records user statistics for you. See Hosting options for more details.

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