eLearning development samples

View some samples of some of the eLearning we've created in using Captivate, Storyline & other authoring tools.

Bespoke Interactive course - with audio and animations

This course is one of many we have produced for the telecoms company Arqiva. It covers ergonomics in the work place.

This interactive e-Learning course runs on an LMS that we set up and hosted on our servers.

The complete course is over 20 minutes long, this sample shows a snapshot of the full course for your convenience. If you want to view the full course or more samples please get in touch.

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ergonomics eLearning sample
Security awareness eLearning sample

Rapid eLearning

This course was developed for a Fertiliser Company based in Chester and Billingham. 

This rapid eLearning course was a semi-bespoke solution. Based on one of our pre-built courses that was adapted to be specific for the companies main 2 sites.

This module was delivered as a SCORM module which was uploaded into their Kallidus learning management system. 

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Software video demo

ISAMS are another long-term client who we have written online help for. iSAMS have developed a school management system that provides all the administrative and academic tools needed to run a school.

Recently we migrated iSAMS online help onto a wiki. iSAMS required short video demos embedded into the wiki to show users how to perform key tasks.

This video was hosted on video sharing site Vimeo and then embedded into the iSAMS wiki. Direct links are built into the software where needed.

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elearning sample software
elearning assessment development

Online assessment

Many of our online courses come with assessments at the end. This assessment based is on an Energy Awareness course assessment we created for Arqiva.

The assessment originally pulled in questions from a large pool of questions, ensuring that different learners receive a different questions. In this sample the assessment is made up of 10 questions. We have selected a number of different question styles for demonstration purposes.

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