Instructional Design Services

We offer instructional design services which ensure your content is clear, concise and easy to learn.

Instructional design

Instructional design

Armada offer a instructional design servies to turn your content into an engaging eLearning course.

As a training company ourselves we understand what is required to teach people and we take these principles and apply them to the online environment.

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What you get with Armada's Instructional Design Services

Bespoke solutions

We provide customized learning programs that are relevant and engaging. This helps learners meet the training requirements, while ensuring their overall development; facilitating lifelong learning and self-improvement of those who use our instructional design services.

Instructional design
Clear and concise

Clear and concise contet

Our Instructional Design process follows the principles of Plain English. Our eLearning makes the complex seem simple. Sentences are short and written in the active voice. Tense constructions are straightforward. Proof-reading and testing are built into our project plans to ensure our eLearning developers produce first-class work.

In-depth analysis

Based on the in-depth analysis of your business and learning objectives, we design an e-Learning solution that suits your organizational culture, and aims at improving the basic skills and necessities of your workforce.

Instructional design

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