Armada e-Learning developers

Armada develops engaging e-Learning content for all your online learning requirements.

We can create fully interactive courses for online training or full software simulations. We have the tools and experience to provide you with the quality e-Learning you need.

e-Learning is a fast growing and rapidly developing industry. If you choose us to develop your e-Learning we can guarantee that your e-Learning will be up to the latest industry standards.

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Bespoke e-Learning

e-Learning designed to fit in perfectly with your corporate styles.

Interactive e-Learning courses

Armada can build the perfect e-Learning course for your company. We have experience creating courses across a broad range of industries and technologies ...see details

E-Learning for your software

We can create both video demonstrations and fully interactive tutorials. Your end users can learn to understand your software and work through tasks at their own pace ...see details

Hosting options

Many clients choose to host their e-Learning courses themselves. Alternatively, Armada can host e-Learning for you in our own Learning Management System ...see details

What makes good e‑Learning?

We understand that engaging with the user and keeping them motivated is the key to e-Learning ...see details

Mobile learning

Our e-Learning courses can be developed to run on any device. This is useful for learning on the move ...see details

Companies trust us with their e-Learning

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past clients