The Armada Story

Armada was founded in 1991, as a partnership, formed by Nigel Platts and Steven Smith. At the time they both worked in the Technical Publications Dept of McDonnell Douglas, now part of the Boeing Group. As the business grew they employed staff and acquired offices. In 2011 Armada was incorporated into a Limited Company.

When the business grew they rented, then bought office premises. They also recruited and trained their own technical authors, who are now some of the best in the industry.

As the world of user guides moved online so did Armada. By 2000, Armada was providing face-to-face technical training and our first e-Learning courses for the Royal Mail. Since then we have become experts in everything e-Learning.

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Armada was founded by Nigel Platts and Steven Smith


Armada begins training and eLearning as well as technical communications


Armada incorporated into a limited company


Armada splits into two companies


Technical communications and eLearning relocated offices in Silverstone