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Our background was in a software development and support environment. Armada begin life 30 years ago developing documentation in this industry. Software still constitutes over 50% of our workload, but we have broadened our expertise into the sectors where software is used.

The solutions we now offer covers knowledge centres, support systems, online help and e-Learning, though many of our clients still require traditional user guides, delivered as .pdfs. Our solutions can improve staff performance, reduce client support costs and enhance compliance (in both Health & Safety and Financial Regulation).

The main industries in which we have extensive experience, both in the UK and overseas include:

Industries We Work With

Industries We Work With

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Software Development and Support

To launch and support software, you need the infrastructure to help users both to get started and to assist them going forwards. Several different approaches are needed, from .pdfs to video. Armada has huge expertise in providing these systems and integrating them with help desks.


We have carried out a large number of projects for hardware manufacturers, many of these in the far east. This work has mainly covered peripheral computer equipment, mobile devices and cameras and has been targeted at new users of this equipment.

Financial and Banking Services

For over 39 years we have worked with financial institutions in banking, equity trading and insurance. Our systems are used both for compliance purposes and to get the most from your staff. Additionally if consistency is needed between multi-location operations, our systems help provide this.


As a Ministry of Defence contractor, we have completed large and successful projects for the armed forces. We have staff with security clearance and we have experience in radar systems and logistics.

Accountancy and Legal Services

We have provided online help documentation for a large number of accountancy and legal practice administrative systems. These systems have been developed for both large and small practices.


We have worked for a number of pharmaceutical companies over the years in areas such as vaccinations, testing systems and distribution. Besides software used in the pharmaceutical industry, we have also provided material for care packages used in the industry. As well as the UK, these projects have been carried out in France, Scandinavia and Germany.

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