e-Learning Tailored To Your Needs.

Good quality e-Learning is key to developing your staff and introducing new systems. It is also vital for Health & Safety, compliance and introducing your company to a wider market.

There are a few important components to any e-Learning course.

As well as great material, you also need to keep a record through a Learning Management System(LMS) of who has done what and how they performed in the training.

Armada have developed e-Learning systems for our clients for over 10 years

e-Learning For Software

Our software video demos are designed to give learners a quick overview of key or challenging aspects of your software. These are made in a ‘You Tube’ style, meaning they are usually 2-3 minutes long and each video covers one specific area or a commonly occurring problem.

We also create interactive tutorials primarily used for training new users. Tutorials can be provided as structured courses or individual tutorials aimed at one specific task. Learners work through simulations of software. These introduce them to processes that they need to use day to day.

All of our videos are hi-definition so they will look great on any screen size.

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Soft Skills e-Learning

Whether it be Health& Safety, compliance or general soft skills learning, Armada can work with your own staff to develop interactive and meaningful material.

The type of training you may need depends on your industry and environment. We have developed Health & Safety material for the chemical industry and telecoms service providers. For the financial services industry, we have provided compliance training. All courses completed and passed can be logged and monitored in whatever detail you require.


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