Project Management

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The key to successful projects is Project Management. Every project we carry out for a client has the following features:

A Project Plan

At a very early stage in a project we produce a project plan which we share with our client. It usually takes the form of a GANTT chart breaking down the work into sections and showing timelines.

It clearly shows at which points involvement from the client will be needed.

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Project Reporting

At the end of each week we provide a brief update for our client on progress. It describes what we have worked on and how long we have spent on which sections.

From the weekly reporting system, it is very easy to see when a project is falling behind or keeping up with the plan.

Project Meetings

Nothing quite beats face-to-face meetings and we are always willing to trave lto see our clients.

If physical meetings aren’t required, we use Teams and Zoom to hold video conferences.

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