Technical Writing

Technical Writing For IT Systems

We provide a full technical authoring services, particularly for IT systems, which brings huge benefits for supporting software products. We use plain English and place an emphasis on graphical information. Our clarity of thought and simple structures makes our documentation highly readable.

We’ve been working in technical authoring for over 30 years and have developed methods of working which give great results. We like recyclable content, readability scoring and strong search facilities. These make our work both cost effective and easy to use.

We understand perfectly the difference between introductory content for new users and supporting experienced users. All our documentation has to be relevant to the audience’s requirements.

User material needs to be ‘task-based’ and give step-by-step instructions. Every section should answer a question ‘How do I …….?’

Online Help

Our browser based online help has top-down navigation and is branded according to your company standards. Our online help systems look sharp and deliver clear, concise information in a web format. They enhance the quality of your software and strengthen your sales collateral. They are the front line of your support systems.

Responsive design means they can be accessed from desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

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User Guides & Getting Started Guides

Though rarely issued these days in their printed form, many software users like to have a .pdf of a user guide. These are often better at providing general ‘getting-started’ information. These can also be accessed and read from mobile devices. We also develop user guides outside of the IT world for product engineering.

Single Source Publications

Modern technical authoring tools (for example MadCap Flare and Adobe’s RoboHelp) give the facility to output content to different media. This means you can obtain online help and user guides from the same source, which greatly reduces maintenance costs for new releases.

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