Knowledge Systems

Knowledge Systems

Knowledge is like any other corporate asset. It must be used to the full for business success.

Quite often, knowledge can be concentrated in the hands of a few people. This can become a barrier to decision-making, growth and development of your staff.

A knowledge system gives access to the information that everyone in your organisation needs, wherever they are, whatever role they carry out.

Knowledge systems assist with transparency and compliance.

Let Armada work with you to create your own knowledge system, as we have done for some of the leading companies in the UK. We bring know-how, technical expertise and great communication skills to the project.

In-house Knowledge Systems

Run on your own internal intranet, an in-house system is delivered in the form of a website. It can contain news, video, policy documents, e-Learning, work instructions and employee forms.

Responsive design makes this type of system usable on mobile devices.

This type of system is especially important for multi-location organisations or for mobile workforces.

It can take the form both of work instructions or policy guidance that staff must follow.

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Client support knowledge systems

When supporting software or any technical product, a knowledge centre provides a repository for publishing technical guidance and information.

It lessens the burden for support staff and gives customers a self-help portal before contacting you.

It can save support time and help scale your product when you are growing.


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